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Somehow this band reminds me a lot early Anthrax, when Belladona used to sing in heavy metal mode and the roots on the genre were as thick as strong. If you remember the song “Medusa”, you will know what I’m talking about. Coming from Boston, these band was formed in 1998 by the guitarist Gene Felix, and according to the Bio, they shared stage with many big bands in those days, but seems like they didn’t released properly a Full length album. Well, now is the day and it’s a fucking piece of heavy metal  with great structures, solid guitar riffs and a high pitched vocalist called Hank Perry who knows how to use his throat on the right moment. The band sounds quite professional and with no arrogant pretentions, this is just heavy metal from the heart and forged in good melodies. Another aspect I liked is the personality of every song, which each one sounds quite distinctive from each other. My favorite track is “Prision in your eyes” which denotes quite good ideas and a matured composition influenced by Queensryche, Iron Maiden and lots more. The production seems to be a mix of modernity and organic mode, and this resulting is quite effective. This is a great debut album – Victor Varas

Omega Reign - Arise (PR2013) - Omega Reign is a band that's definitely worth checking out for fans of everything from Queensryche to Anthrax and even Iced Earth. They're a band that has classic metal in their blood and every note on this disc proves it. These Boston, Mass. progressive thrash metallers come equipped with thundering riffs, vocals that remind me of Joey Belladonna for sure - and great drumming that all seems to add up to an impressive blast from the past. Everything about this album sounds like it was made in the good old days of metal; before technicality and core and even death and black metal which almost everyone owes something to in the modern metal scene. The production on the disc sounds dated, but I'd have it no other way - it literally reminds me so much of Anthrax at their most classic (Among The Living, State Of Euphoria) that some of the songs here "Doomsday 3:25", "Invisible World/The Eidolon 3:48" sound like they could've been written by Anthrax themselves.But that's not all these guys do, as the prog influences creep up right at the beginning with the synth backed soloing of opener "Will The Light Come 6:17" and horror-tinged keyboards of "Nocturnal 5:42." No, these guys aren't some kind of Anthrax rip-off, they're something with much more potential than that and all of these tracks prove it. Though I couldn't much get into "Prison In Your Eyes 4:55" I will admit that I noticed the Iron Maiden influenced riffing in it and it's definitely not a bad song. I'll also say that "This Poem Is Goodbye 3:48" took a while to warm up, but it's got a great ending as can also be said for "Prison." But nothing on this one is truly filler and these guys definitely have enough talent and skill to go out there and really bring back the classic sounds of metal that that genre is really in need of right now. (How core are we going to get, folks?)Arise is a worthy debut from a band that are just getting warmed up. Hopefully they'll get picked up and can continue to make more great metal that sounds the just the way it used to. It's a great mix of thrash and prog that will be further honed in future efforts - I'm sure of it. Damn sure of it!

.Highlights: Will The Light Come, Bitter, Doomsday, Nocturnal, The Way You Lived, Invisible World/The Eidolon, Killer (9 Tracks, 41:00)8/10 

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